Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Finally, Some Rain!

If you had told me in June, as I looked out over our vast holding ponds (a.k.a. flooded fields) that I would be longing for rain in August, I'd have had a hard time picturing it. Yet here we are, on the edge of suffering for lack of rain. We've watched the magical radar, hoping against hope that today's green and yellow and red amoeba would bring us some much-needed moisture. And we've watched that same radar-amoeba fall apart time and time again.

Tonight was different. 

After the cool clouds came the rain. 


  1. Nice photos of the gust front.

    And after the rain came cool air! In August!

  2. Neat pictures. I never had the camera ready when I need it.

    Things are getting dry here as well but the rains last night and today should help.

  3. Lona, I realized I hadn't been here in too long so have added you to my igoogle reader list.

    Really enjoyed seeing your new pictures & great job to your kids at the fair!! :)

    Sorry you have been too dry this summer. We continue with frequent rains. It is the horrific storms I have had enough of living!!


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