Thursday, August 21, 2008

Planning and Organizing: Day Four

This organizing takes forever!

I did find some nice little cheap baskets (made in the USA, too!) that I could use in keeping stuff neat on the pullout drawers of the pantry. They were 2 for $1.69. On this shelf I took all the greeting cards out of their boxes and matched them up with envelopes and put them in one of the baskets (back, left). I separated them with divider tabs I cut down to size. I know it's not Martha-Stewart-worthy, but I'm cheap. Work with me here. 

The baggies at the far right remind me of Grandma Myrtle, who, bless her heart, had a whole drawer full of them. I'm a baggie saver, too, but in moderation.

Group like items together. Things that get used often (tape and stapler) are in front. 

In this pullout drawer I used stack trays to separate lined paper from cardstock. Lots of room for printer paper behind the stack trays. And the pullout drawers make this possible. Have I told you I love this pantry?

Here's the final shot of the pantry. I did splurge and buy a label maker (on super sale). A place for everything and everything in its place.

And, since I hadn't run out of day or steam, I moved on to the closet. The top file boxes contain seven years of records for our family and seven years for the farm. I have an empty box on the lower left, in case I find something else to stash away.

In the upper part of the pantry I found the kids' baby books, and approximately 100 magazines. I offered about 70 of them on the freecycle list. I will recycle them if no other pack rat takes them. I am waiting for direction on the Sheep! and Shepherd magazines... 


  1. girl, you are ready for the big time! i can see i am no longer needed ... and you're saying all the right things - gli - group like items :-)
    i am super impressed.

  2. Why does it take so long to GET organized but it so QUICKLY gets un-organized? Speaking from a mom that sorted through WAY too many CDs, DVD, videos, etc. today, trying to match them to the correct cases. We ended up with some movies with no cases and some cases with no movies.

    Keep up the good work. It WILL pay off.

  3. Looks so impressive, doesn't a nice printed label just set off such a job? Mind you I've put labels and even drawn maps for some cupboards and no one seems to be able to read them....

  4. Great use of baskets to keep like items separated and from crowding each other out. Way to go!!


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