Monday, August 18, 2008

Planning and Organizing: Day One

Day One Update: I can now see the top of my desk. It is not perfectly clear, but I have filed and pitched an amazing amout of paper. I now have a small desk-top file with some often-used categories: farm bills to pay, personal bills to pay, to-do, pending, upcoming events, and a file for each of the children's important school information (such as grades and a transcript-in-process).

I filed all our old tax information together in one storage box, threw out a couple years' worth (only keep 7!), and cancelled a credit card that had never even been activated. The credit card company tried like crazy to keep me as its victim, but I persisted. I even had the foresight to ask them to mail a letter confirming the closure of the account to me. 

I sat through a 15-minute, high-speed phone interview on our medical histories (as we are changing health insurance yet again, due to soaring premiums). I threw away all the old cds and diskettes (yes, really!) for software we no longer use. I paid farm bills, and began sorting upstairs in the homeschool room. 

One thing I am puzzling my head about is the supply cupboard in the office. It's our old kitchen pantry, and I love it. But we aren't using it to its fullest capacity, and here's a photo to prove it.

If anyone has suggestions as to how to use this lovely space better, I'm open to suggestions. I thought about putting file boxes on the pull-out shelves, but the boxes are too tall. 

After supper we had another major sweet corn event. Unfortunately, this batch of sweet corn doesn't taste nearly as good as the first batch. Must be the dry weather. If you are the praying type, it's time to start asking for rain for Shady Side Farm...


  1. There are some storage bins at Home Depot / Lowes that might work. I know I've seen some office organizer bins in Office Max/ Depot. Let me look around a bit and I'll send you some links.

  2. Looks like a lot of work and that cupboard has so much potential... Bins or baskets on the drawers for smaller objects would be cute but still be functional.

    Have fun playing around and getting it sorted.

    Found you on the Sonlight blogroll :)


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