Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Planning and Organizing: Day Three

Okay, I'm making progress. Today, I planned out 9 weeks of school for my son. I have purposely blurred the the computer screen so that you can't really see details about the week of October 27-31.

And here is the bottom drawer of my office pantry. It now holds all my shipping envelopes, labels, bubble wrap, packing tape and business card stock. With room to spare. The organizing lady says to store things vertically as much as possible. So I found a couple of plastic magazine holders and laid them down on their backs. 

I went on a hunting and gathering expedition tonight, to see if I could find something suitable for storing all the little stuff in the other drawers. I think I found something that might work (that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. More tomorrow...


  1. Looks like you're definitely getting things done!

  2. WOW--you want to come over and organize me?

    I did finally order Bible for 11dd. I have the rest of the materials for them. Does that count?

  3. Great way to use that bottom drawer!


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