Saturday, August 30, 2008

Waiting for the day...

Back in June, the month of the Great Flood, we were dreaming of this moment:

You see, 6" of rain in theory should not be so devastating. But if the ditch is due to be cleaned, and the water can't drain away, it can be a mess. Check out this photo to see what happens when the main drain is clogged: 

Our fields sat under water for days. We lost and had to replant about half of our corn and soybean crops. It's not a good crop  year this year, at all.

But finally, the ditch is being cleaned out!

Oh happy day!

Small things amuse small minds, they say...

I stood on our driveway bridge and looked down the road at what had not yet been done:

And then took a shot up the road at what was already dug out:

Maybe next spring our basement won't flood! Here's hoping...


  1. Too bad you couldn't have saved some of that rain for this month.

    Glad to hear though that the little things make you happy.

  2. I hope that prevents flooding next spring! Did you "lose" anything from your basement?

  3. I'm jealous. :-)
    Maybe I should make a call.


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