Monday, August 18, 2008

A Woolly Weekend

The Farmer and I spent the weekend enjoying the Michigan Fiber Festival. We met with old friends and made some new ones. Both of us enrolled in a couple of classes (spinning, wet felting, dyeing, and carding wool). The Farmer entered five skeins of his handspun yarn in the skein competition, and ended up with white and red ribbons--and one blue! Amazing. 

During our time there, we did some stealth marketing. Both of us had several small plastic bags containing our business card with samples of our yarn attached and a sample of our roving. We passed these out to folks who were into spinning and dyeing. We'll see what comes of it.

Saturday while I met with new etsy friends, The Farmer cranked socks in a friend's vendor booth. A lot of folks stopped to talk and watch. Fiber people and mechy-techy people alike are fascinated with the sock knitting machines. 

And since I forgot the camera, you will just have to imagine all these wonderful scenes. 

After our busy weekend, I'm ready to dedicate this week to planning for our homeschool year. I'll be posting each evening what I accomplished each day, to help keep me on task.


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. :) I haven't made it to the festival for the last two years--hopefully I'll get there next year.

  2. I was at the festival both days, mostly at our demonstration table (the West Michigan Lace Group). But I did get out to shop and watch the sock machine. They are so cool.

    Every so often they have someone with a shoelace machine - I like that one, too!

  3. It's a lot of fun, Liz. Seems like there was a constant Ravelry Meet-up somewhere.

    Alwen, too bad I didn't know you were there! I've stopped and talked with lace makers other years, but not this year. Was the sock machine person The Farmer? He was in a vendor booth on Saturday afternoon--and later we found a group of three off in a side building.


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