Friday, September 19, 2008

Charcoal Rot Fungus

This week we received the lab results that told us what killed 80% of our soybean crop prematurely. Charcoal Rot Fungus. The plants are dead, and the soybeans in the pods are like little hard BBs.

It was a stressful year for our plants. First the great flood of June, then a long period of drought--at least six weeks with almost no rain. And now, again, another, smaller flood. Stressed plants can't fight off attackers as well. 

This was also the week that we found out that we have no crop insurance this year. After years of paying premiums and receiving no service at all (don't insurance guys at least call every five years to see if you're still happy? This company was like a brick wall to us), we decided to switch. In the switch, somewhere, someone dropped the ball and didn't finish the job. It's not important who. But we have no crop insurance, and now, no soybean crop.

Decisions need to be made. Plow them in? Harvest what is there first, and then plow them in? The beans are so small, will they even go into the combine hopper? Or will they just fall through back onto the field? 

I wonder if we could burn the soybeans in our corn furnace? 


  1. I am so sorry for your loss too! Our path down lifes road takes so many unexpected turns.
    Congratulation, I enjoyed your story on the sock machine-one of lifes little blessings!

  2. Hi Lona,
    So very sorry to read of the soybean loss. Haven't read your blog in a while, I was excited for you to read about the sock machine!! Life's downs and ups....
    Hang in there. Coffee soon?? I'll try to call you soon to see if you can break away for a little visit! :)

  3. Oh Lona!

    Sigh...the life of a farmer....thinking of you all, and trusting that our Heavenly Father will provide the way for you.

  4. More loss. I'm sorry Lona.
    I do hope the Lord takes what little you have left of the soybeans and multiplies it for you.


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