Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Consumed by Cats

I have spent entirely too much time on cats lately. We are over-run with them, frankly, due to people dumping them and wild ones just wandering over. We feed them, appreciate their rodent-control services, don't pay attention, and suddenly there are 4, 982 of them. Yikes!

Last week I brought 7 kittens and 1 mama cat to the low-cost spay/neuter clinic 30 miles away. I paid my money, drove back home, and picked them up the next morning. Kept them in the garage for a few days while they recuperated, and let them all out. All is well, right?

No. Several of them have a respiratory virus (common among barn cats, I'm told by the vet at the spay/neuter clinic), and are hacking and coughing and dribbling in a cluster right outside our front door. If nothing else, it'll probably keep the travelling cutlery salesmen from stopping...

I was advised to buy the stinkiest canned cat food for them to eat while they're recovering. Apparently, they don't eat if they can't smell. And they can't smell right now, trust me. And if they don't eat... So I bought some fishy flavored friskies, and that seems to tempt them. 

How do I get myself into these predicaments?


  1. LOL! I'm sorry for your "predicament" but this post made me chuckle. :-)

  2. They got sick because you just PAID to have them fixed. That is the nature of barn cats---and other animals.

  3. Aw, I'm sorry that your kitties have been sick :( We had some kittens that were sick for a while, but most of them got better with some meds the vet gave us. (A few died before we were able to get something for them. It was really sad for me. I think I probably cried about each one dying, no matter how young it was.)

    We have twelve cats now, and we love each one of them :) It hard to turn away such cuteness, isn't it?

  4. Hope the cats are doing better,now. I can just picture the scene outside your front door. Maybe they will help with the chocolate-stealing critters.


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