Monday, September 22, 2008

The Critter Barn

Over the last couple of years we've bumped into Mary at several different events. She's brought her animals to our church's summer picnic for a couple of years running. We've both attended state sheep events. She's involved with an area agricultural organization and so is The Farmer. 

Each time we've learned a little more about Mary's passion to educate children and young people about farming and animals. Mary runs an educational children's farm in a nearby town. Her mini-farm was there first, and the neighborhood (with very nice houses) has built up around her. She's feeling squeezed for space.

So Mary is looking for a new home for the Critter Barn. If you'd like to help, we'd be ever so grateful. Because Mary runs something much better than a petting zoo. Her mini-farm is all about the reality of animal care. She teaches her Critter Campers about agriculture, which gives them a healthy knowledge about where food comes from. She teaches them to work, which gives them a measure of self-respect. She teaches them responsibility, which carries over into other areas of life. 

I am always surprised at the delight that children have when they work with the animals. I guess being up close and personal with animals here on the farm, I forget that not all kids have access to this delight.

This weekend Mary hosted a Critter Camp Reunion. A couple of sheep got haircuts. We were there to show what can happen with wool once it's off the sheep. Of course I forgot to take the camera, so you will all just have to imagine the fun of red-shirted kids meeting up with old friends and learning new stuff. 

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  1. Oh yes, your children are so blessed to have daily access to animals and hard work! LOL. My kids would love the critter barn!


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