Thursday, September 4, 2008

Of Cats and Mice

One of our daughters recently made some mousey cat toys from wool. Here's one.

We are starting to think about what new things we can make for the Christmas market that we always do in our town. This is one of the new things we'll be selling this year. Cats seem to love anything small like this made from wool. Any suggestions for what you'd like to see in our market booth this year?

P.S. These mice are much cuter than those we are catching in our farmhouse right now. The nasty little critters got into my chocolate stash. This is war...


  1. Seriously??! They got into your CHOCOLATE stash???? Oh man, that IS war!

  2. Those are so cute! Much cuter than real mice ;)

  3. i have mice in my house and at my cottage - we have the critters dead in traps wherever we go. if i weren't deathly allergic to cats i'd buy one of your over supply. meantime, i am going to consider myself a sort of mouse spa & resort.


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