Thursday, October 9, 2008

Apple Pickin' Time

We are fortunate to live within 30 minutes of a major fruit growing area in Michigan. Our wonderful Lake Michigan to the west moderates our temperatures, despite the northishness of our location, and makes fruit growing possible.

Yesterday, we braved the mosquitoes and mud to U-pick at a nearby farm. I went with a couple of neighbors (gas is not cheap!) and we actually fit 11 bushels of apples in the back of a van. Well, I guess they were not all in the back of the van--there was that crate on the seat between E. and I, and two bags on the floor by our feet...

We picked Spygolds, Jonagolds, Golden Delicious (sensing a trend here?) and Ida Reds. By picking them ourselves, we saved about $12.50 a bushel.



  1. It is lots of fun, isn't it. I went to the same place with the kids 2 weeks ago. We have been enjoying lots of apple dishes lately.

  2. Oh, do I miss the apple orchard trip in the fall. We have some fruit trees on our property, but this season the deer ate most of the apples. The cider, bakery and a bee hive behind glass at Apple Charley's in New Boston. Wonder if it's still there?


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