Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On a Farm, Manure Happens...

I've been waiting to blog about our composting operation until I have good photos. Most days--all of them, so far, in fact--it doesn't occur to me to run out and take photos of the composting process. Recently, however, our farm was featured in a magazine. And there are some pretty good photos along with the article. So I thought maybe I'd just link to the magazine article and let you look at the photos there...


  1. Cool pics.
    But I guess i would never have thought of a magazine with that name.
    But I suppose there is a need. LOL.

  2. It does have rather a narrow focus and a limited readership, I think. ;-)

  3. You guys are becoming famous---did it all start with the "manure" scratch and sniff sticker article?

  4. Lona!! How exciting! (if you can call manure exciting). I'm so proud of you guys for doing such an ecologically responsible thing with excellence. Good job!

  5. Scratch and sniff brochure...I feel another post coming on...

    Thank you, Pam. Manure is kind of exciting--from a distance. :-P

  6. Lona, that is fascinating! I took a Waste Management and Utilization course at University (engineering department) and it ended up being really interesting. Our university had a similar compost system set up ... so great to have such a useful byproduct. Good for you guys!


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