Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another Show

Before our last show, we did a "dry run" in our workshop. We carefully set everything up, took some photos, and then never looked at the photos when we were setting up at the show. Lotta good that did.

Going through the set-up process must have been enough to cement it in our minds. Of course there were some changes...

This Saturday, November 8, we'll be at another Western Michigan show. Come and visit us at the Eastside Christian School at 2792 Michigan, NE in Grand Rapids. We'll be there from 9-2, and The Farmer will have his sock machine along.

If  you mention that you read our blog, we'll give you 10% off one item--your choice. I bought a new calculator just today so that I don't have to do the figuring on scratch paper, like at the last show. 

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  1. What a nice looking booth. Hope you do well there.


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