Monday, November 17, 2008

First Snow!

We woke this morning to an unnatural brightness, way before Mr. Sun was due to make his appearance. 

You can always tell when it's snowed--the world is a little brighter.

Fortunately, we were ready. Mostly.

The sheep were still out in the pastures. Time to finish setting up the barn and call them in.

No, we didn't use the bell. We used food to entice them in. And a cat. A cat with a new name--The Pied Piper. 

The sheep didn't really want to come in. But that cat sure was interesting. One ewe walked closer to investigate. The cat turned and walked into the barn. The ewe followed, as did all the others. For where one sheep goes, the others will go, too.

Who needs herding dogs when you've got the pied piper?


  1. We woke up this morning to the moon shining on the snow - beautiful!

  2. Lona, you are so funny! I love the pics. You got a lot more than we did, but our kids still went out to play in it! All .5 inch of it.


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