Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Weekend Done!

We had tolerable weather on Friday, our first day at Kerstmarkt. The wind was bitter, but the thermometer read well above freezing. Our heaters kept our blood from freezing, and the best part: no precipitation of any kind!

Saturday's weather was even better. It got so warm mid-day that we turned the heaters off! The lovely weather brought out a steady stream of shoppers who were inclined to linger, chat and buy. The Farmer's new toy was a hit with the shoppers.

The weather has turned ugly, and the forecast for this coming week has  me shaking in my boots already. Let's hope they're wrong...


  1. Doesn't look like it, unfortunately! The snow band that was in the lake earlier has come onshore, and it just got darker here with snow blowing and collecting on the window screen. It's going to be fun picking up the child from school and getting to work tonight.

  2. Too bad you aren't there earlier today. I have to be in Holland at noon for an appointment.


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