Saturday, November 22, 2008

Free Stuff

I like entering giveaways. I like hosting giveaways. I like letting people know about giveaways. If you don't like giveaways, just scroll down--I've got some great photos of baby calves further down...

A bunch of etsy artisans are also homeschooling moms. We've formed a team to encourage each other and help promote each other's shops. Way down on the right side of my blog is seven-photo rotating display of various items that homeschooling moms make and sell over the internet to help make that one income stretch a bit further.

Today begins the Schooling at Home Etsian Team Celebrate the Holidays Giveaway. (I challenge you to say all that 3 times, quickly, out loud...)

Go to the team blog to see what you can win today. If it's something you like (or would like to give as a Christmas gift), feel free to enter the drawing. Limit of two entries (one per person per shop giveaway) for each day.

Tomorrow, there will be 2 new items, and 2 more each day until we run out of items we are willing to donate. No naughty homeschooled children will be given away, I promise!

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