Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Last Indoor Craft Show of the Season

Last Saturday we braved the weather and headed to the nearest big city to join the other vendors at a small craft show at a school. The Farmer brought his circular sock knitting machine (csm for short), and demonstrated all day long.

We had so much product (I typed "stuff" first, but that didn't seem respectful of all the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into making this stuff, so I changed the wording) that we had to rent two booths. Which was okay, as this show wasn't full.

Our new rack (seen off to the right in the above photo) gave up the ghost 15 minutes before the show began. A kind fellow-vendor loaned us two nylon straps, and we made do for the day. A bit too much weight, I think.

Black tablecloths sound good in theory--they show off the product well. Unfortunately, they also show off every fuzzer and stray bit of fluff well. And when you're working with wool products, there's a lot of stray fluff. 

We did fairly well for the size of the sale. But on the way home we decided we will not do any more indoor craft shows unless we are assured that every vendor sells his/her own handmade products. Enough with the plastic food storage containers, already. Isn't that what home parties are for?

Any suggestions for a better set up next time? We're always looking for new and better ways to display.

Of course, "next time" will be a little wooden booth OUTDOORS...


  1. Lona - I thought your booth looked fantastic and I didn't notice the fluff on the black tablecloth :) I'm with you - leave the home parties at HOME!

  2. I would have browsed for a long time at your booth!! (and bought things I'm sure) Love the way you've arranged everything, it looks very attractive and inviting!

  3. How lovely! I wish you were in my area so I could touch your beautiful work:)

  4. very nice booth, lots of quality items for sale. Bet the sock machine got a lot of attention,also. Wondering where you got the vertical rug racks? Our experience with a show like that was that customers bought more,as they were looking for handcrafted items. Although there were many comments about the lack of crafts. We are setting at up the same show this Sat.

  5. Thanks for the kind words, all.

    Karen, the rug racks were made by The Farmer. In a former life he was a finish carpenter. Very talented.

    Hope you do well tomorrow!

  6. I love the booths, very nice job, I would have stayed for hours. Of course I would have watched the farmer on his sock machine for hours too, just facinating how that works! As for the tupperware I agree, not craft related and I don't know why they allow them at craft fairs.


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