Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Newbies on the Farm

We've added some new animals to the farm. The Farmer sometimes helps out at a nearby dairy farm. The bull calves are not needed on a dairy, so they are raised for meat. We took these two home when they were only a few days old, and have been feeding them calf formula (known in the business as milk replacer) ever since. They have access to solid food and water all the time, but are only fed warm milk replacer twice a day. 

I've never timed them, but they are such eager eaters that I think it takes them approximately 1.07 minutes to drink their bottle.

They are penned separately because they have such a strong sucking reflex that they will suck on anything and everything, even each other. If you want the sensation of (almost)  having your thumb removed by suction, just stick your hand near a calf's pen. It's astonishing! 

These are Holstein dairy calves. This is the breed that is most common on American dairy farms. The Holstein are large cattle, and eat a lot. But they are also heavy milk producers, and so are favorites among dairymen. 

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  1. So cute!!

    Glad to see someone came up with a holder for those bottles. I remember feeding many calves by hand when I was a kid. They would pull them right out of your hand. I sure miss those cute faces!


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