Sunday, December 21, 2008

And Still More Snow

Church was cancelled this morning, due to the first rate weather. 

It's amazing that it's only December 21 and we've had all this snow. Must be that global warming...

The animals still need feeding and watering. These are the days that are very nice to sit inside and look out the window. But The Farmer (and a couple of the kids) head out twice a day to add fuel to the corn furnace, feed and water the animals. This is the type of day that freezes pipes and puts out furnaces. Steady responsibility and watchfulness are important on a farm. Also important is the ability to fix things when they break...


  1. Just remember, despite about 24 inches of snow in the past 60 hours, TODAY is the FIRST day of winter.

    At least we will have a white Christmas.

  2. Great write up in The Grand Rapid Press today!!!
    I knew I should have got your autograph at the Crankin!!!!!

    Merry Christmas



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