Monday, December 22, 2008

Shearing Day

Come on out to the farm this Saturday, December 27, to see sheep being shorn. Feel free to come anytime between 9 am and noon--we will be shearing the whole time. Stay as long as you like; leave when you want to. Dress warmly, and wear older clothing--we shear in a barn, and it smells like sheep!

We'll answer questions in between herding sheep and shearing and vaccinating and handling the wool. You'll be able to check out a display about the process of turning wool into yarn. We hope to have a spinner or two on hand to demonstrate the craft. We may even have a weaver here working on a rug!

Because we are passionate about educating people about farming and wool, there is no admission charge. Donations will be accepted for refreshments (while supplies last) and farm-fresh products will be available for purchase. This event is great for the whole family, though some of the wee ones are too small to appreciate the noise and smells and cold. Please use your judgment when bringing small children; you know them best, and know whether in a year or two they might enjoy it more.

The farm is located at 13275 Blair Street, north of Holland. Please use the far west drive when coming in; we are shearing in the long green pole barn. Parking can be an interesting challenge; feel free to park anywhere in the long drive. Please don't use the house driveway, in case The Farmer needs to run off suddenly and put on his firefighter hat/helmet.

Any questions? Hope to see you Saturday!


  1. This IS a lot of fun. My girls are looking forward to coming again this year.

  2. LOL, Lona, I think I have given up on the idea of ever being able to make it over for a visit in 2008 ;) Maybe I should start planning now for 2009! And at least hope to see you at Shepherds Weekend!

    Hopefully the weather will finally cooperate for you for your shearing day...we are getting dumped on, too, though not as badly as you are. Cary at Serenity Farms

  3. A question about shearing in December in Michigan: How will the sheep keep warm without all that warm wool?


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