Monday, December 8, 2008

The Weather Outside Was Frightful

We did indeed have bad weather over the weekend, as forecasted. Friday night out at the marketplace was like being in a deep freeze. The diehard parade-goers came out anyway to see Sinterklaas and we had a fairly good night. Our sheepy display (you can see him in the photos here) was blown over and broke a leg. We took him home with us and The Farmer splinted his leg late Friday evening.

Saturday we felt as though we were in a wind tunnel, with swirling snow everywhere. The roads were pretty treacherous, and I would have stayed home, given half a chance. Again, the diehard Michiganders did not let a little weather spoil their fun. We put very little of our product out on tables and racks, due to the weather, instead choosing to display it inside the booth. Our big sellers were mittens and wool socks. Go figure.

After church on Sunday, I spent the entire afternoon catching up on entering the sales in the computer. The Farmer is feeling quite a bit of pressure to keep ahead of the buyers who love his socks. It's a good problem to have, but it kept him at his sock machine for most of the day. We actually called home Saturday early afternoon and asked the kids to fire up the heater in the workshop and dye some sock yarn for us. They are a wonderful help in this family enterprise, and we couldn't do it without them. I do notice that most of the yarn that they dye has pink in it somehow, but that's the price you pay for letting teenage girls do the dyeing.

This weekend is our last time out at the Kerstmarkt. We'll be there Friday from 3-8 pm and Saturday from 9-5. Here's hoping for better weather...

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  1. Saturday was pretty frightful. We went to my husband's National Guard Christmas party in Kalamazoo, and then he had to drive one of his guys home to South Bend! I was really relieved when he finally came back in that door.


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