Thursday, February 19, 2009

High Tech Lamb Count

Well, the poll (upper right hand corner of the blog) is closed. Looks like people want to see a lamb count. Last year's ever lengthening list was boring! I've been looking for a ticker or something fun and graphic and I can't find anything. So will the above photo do it for you? It's a snapshot of our actual wall calendar with lamb counts on it! I could just take a picture of the calendar every day...

According to the lamb count calendar, we've had 61 babies born. We've lost a few (too little, born dead, poor care from mom), which always happens and always is sad. Our biggest day (to-date) was February 6th, when we had a set of triplets and 2 sets of twins born. 

(A side note for non-sheep people: Sheep have two teats, so raising triplets requires a mom with a bit more patience--she has to let 2 nurse for a while, and the 3rd one has to wait until they're done. If one of the lambs is small or less aggressive, or if the mom is not terribly bright, the same lamb may get left out all the time. Sometimes we catch that it's happening in time, and sometimes we don't.)

I see from the poll that people would like more photos. I will try to get to that early next week. If I show birth photos, I'll try to back date the post, warn you and make you click if you want to see them. So those of you who'd rather not see it won't have to...

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  1. Neat to see farming from a different angle. I would love to see more lamb pictures. I actually thought about trying to get a picture of a cow dropping a calve (they stand up to do the final push and the calve literally drops to the grown) and posting it, if I can get it so it's not too gross for readers. LOL


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