Wednesday, February 4, 2009


At the credit union, with the news blaring on a TV in the corner...

Newscaster: "Apparently the FDA was unable to do its job of inspecting the peanut plant well. Perhaps they need to have additional financial resources..."

Customer: "Oh, great! They screwed it up, and so the answer is to give them more money. Why is it that only our government rewards a job poorly done?"

Teller: "Ah, but that's the way with everything. Schools are failing, so let's give them more money. The auto industry is going under, so let's throw money at it. It's just the way our government works!" (I noticed that she did not mention the banking industry by name.)

Customer: "They must think that money grows on trees!"

Teller: "And y'know, we have all those national forests, so we should be all set!"


  1. That is really funny. Quick witted teller.

  2. That is funny! And also very very sad.

  3. That is funny! It is also very, very sad.


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