Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Socks and more socks

Sock yarn on bobbins...

A bobbin and its matching sock...

A pile of socks underneath the Master machine. 

The Farmer will be cranking socks this Saturday (February 21) from 11 - 3 at The Shaker Messenger in Holland, Michigan. If you've wanted to see him at work, here's another opportunity. Socks will be for sale, but there's no obligation to buy. Just come on out and visit for a while! A friend of ours will also be spinning at that time, so you'll get to see the process of converting wool into yarn.


  1. Oh, we are coming up to Holland for an auction - maybe we can make a side trip!

  2. Beautiful socks, I wish Holland was nearer. Do you plan on travelling further north this year?

  3. Mulch, we don't have any plans to head north. We'd love to vend at the festival in West Branch in September, but the farm responsibilities keep us pretty close to home.

  4. I have a question--where did you get all those bobbins onto which you've wound the yarn?


  5. The bobbins were made by The Farmer, who was a carpenter in a former life...


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