Friday, February 27, 2009

This Chick's Busy

I found this chick at a garage sale and couldn't pass her up, even though I'm not big into "dustables". When I took her home, I found just the place in our kitchen to hang her. And, while I enjoyed having her on the wall, the lack of an apostrophe bothered me. A lot. When I took her home, she proclaimed: "This chicks busy." Ack! 

One time when friends were over, I mentioned it to one of my fellow English language stickler friends. She fixed it with a black sharpie marker, and I have been a happy woman ever since. Silly me--I could have fixed it, t00, but I just let it bother me... (Read the book Eats, Shoots and Leaves if you also are an English language stickler.)

Tomorrow is our Shearing Day, 9-noon. Today is preparing for that. Making food, organizing the workshop, double checking with a few people who will be helping, and praying that the muddy driveways will freeze...


  1. Love that book -- another great one is _Woe Is I_.

    Have a wonderful shearing day!

  2. That would have bugged me, too!!! And such an easy fix!


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