Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Twins

We're in the middle of a big warm up right now, and almost all of the January snow is gone. We've had baby lambs born in spurts. They seem to be born right as the weather is changing (this would be a great research project for my homeschooled kids--track the barometric pressure and the lambs born).

One of the births was caught on camera by one of our daughters. Many of the photos are fairly graphic; after all, birth is a messy business. But here's the one I thought was suited for the blog. Mom is checking out baby #1, who is standing, and looking for his first meal. Baby #2 is resting, and hasn't been up yet, but has been licked off a bit by mom. The babies look shiny because they are still wet (in fact, in another photo, baby #2 is steaming from being warm and wet and just out of the womb).

So what do you think? Do you like to see birth photos on the blog, or would you just as soon pass? Maybe I'll do a poll...


  1. I like seeing the cute babies(lambs/chicks/kittens/puppies), but think of the resources you would be giving non-farm home-schoolers by showing the whole process. And shearing is educational too. I'm planning to do a picture lesson of steps in spinning (if/when our snow leaves for better lighting)and I love seeing different techniques.

  2. Congrats on the twins!! :)

  3. I say show the pictures. Each time one of our animals give birth, we are reminded once again of what a miracle it is.

  4. What I did on our blog was put birthing photos in a blog post dated a year before my blog started, then linking back to it in a current post. I have readers whose stomach would turn if they stumbled upon photos like that :-).

  5. I would love to show my children an actual birthing of lambs!


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