Monday, April 20, 2009


I've been sort of computerless over the weekend. We brought our main computer (as opposed to kid's school computer) in for its yearly tune up, and they kept it. And kept it. And kept it. They've still got it, well past the 24-48 hours they promised. I'm rather miffed, and plan to spring it out of the pokey no later than Wednesday, no matter what.

Two thumbs down for the apple store.

In other news, The Farmer planted oats last weekend, just ahead of Sunday's rain. Perfect timing. Babies are still being born. Endless bottles are still being mixed up, thrice daily. Laundry still gets dirty and then washed, and food continues to be consumed. I guess it all goes to show that the world still spins and orbits, even without the computer.

Yeah, I'm kind of surprised, too.


  1. When we had the hurricanes a few years back, it brought back simpler times without the computer ;)

  2. Amy brought in her computer yesterday and they fixed it right there; they gave her a new hard drive and a new case/keyboard for FREE. And her warranty ran out a year ago... hmmmm... :)


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