Wednesday, April 29, 2009


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No secret that I love where I live. What a place! 

Currently, Michigan (by way of the auto industry) is all over the news. It's not the best news, to be sure. But I did see a sign the other day that said "Michigan's Employment Rate is 88%!" That was right after Dave Ramsey's Town Hall for Hope Meeting, and I think the signmaker heeded Dave's "Stop Listening to Loser Talk" point...

Michigan has been amazingly impacted and shaped by the auto industry. In our part of Michigan (the not-Detroit part), a large number of the factories are auto parts suppliers. In the city nearby, the employment rate is a bit lower than the state average--it's 84%. And you'd better believe there are a lot of people sweating the impending bankruptcy and/or summer shut-down of some of the auto companies. 

But Michigan is so much more than just auto plants. I'd like to have you check out the Michigan in Pictures blog. It draws from photos on flickr that are tagged "Michigan". The photos inspire and amaze me. 



  1. Hey - thanks for linking over to Michigan in Pictures and for saying such nice things!

    You might want to check out Absolute Michigan - you can add a free link for your blog right here.

  2. The economic ripples of the failing auto industry will impact every area of Michigan; here on Mackinac Island everyone is trying to prepare themselves for a potentially poor season. It's going to require truly creative ideas to bring ourselves through this current upheaval.

  3. Especially over on the west side of the state, it's more than auto plants. We still have a lot of small family farms. Now if we can just value them at what they are worth, instead of building cheap housing on good farmland!

  4. I love where you live too! ;-)

  5. Well you couldn't tell from the commercials we are getting down here. Michigan Tourism and Travel department are doing a really great job.
    look at this
    v=ElCe0ILsgLE and like this one there are a dozen more that get aired daily. Makes me wonder why I live in Florida. LOL..


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