Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fun Farm Facts

Products we use in our everyday lives come from plant and animal byproducts produced by America's farmers and ranchers.

Health care: Pharmaceuticals, surgical sutures, ointments, latex gloves, x-ray film, gelatin for capsules and heart valves.

Construction: Lumber, paints, brushes, tar paper, dry wall and tool handles.

Transportation: Fuel, lubricants, antifreeze, tires and upholstery.

Manufacturing: Adhesives, solvents and detergents.

Printing: Paper, ink and film.

Personal Care Products: Shampoo, cosmetics, lotions, finger nail polish and toothpaste.

Education: Crayons, textbooks, chalk, desks, pencils and paper.

Sports: Uniforms, baseball bats, leather equipment and shoes.

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