Monday, May 18, 2009

Mackinac Island

A week ago, my second daughter and I went with her tech school class on a field trip to Mackinac Island. The Mackinaw bridge always amazes me (though to be honest, I'd rather look AT it than be ON it). 

Because her tech school class is Travel and Tourism Marketing, we visited many of the touristy places on the island, including the Grand Hotel. It was amazing! We were told that it was built in 3 months, which I can hardly believe. But I did notice a lot of creative slants and angles to the stair landings and walls. We enjoyed a fabulous lunch buffet there.

The island is very beautiful, especially once you leave the main "tourist" area.

We wanted to explore the beauty of the other parts of the island. Mackinac Island does not allow cars--horses and bikes and golf carts (on the course only). So we rented a couple of bikes and rode around the perimeter of the island. 

We left on the 3 o'clock ferry, tired and pleased with ourselves. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our day on the island. 

Yesterday we celebrated the graduation of this daughter, and soon she will make her own way in the world. But I am glad for this trip and the good memories I can hold on to. 


  1. Isn't the straits area beautiful? I love driving the bridge as long as I don't get stuck on that noisy grid in the middle:) Used to live in St Ignace and work in Mackinaw City but now we are trolls.
    You captured some beautiful pictures as well as memories.

  2. The straits are very beautiful! How lucky you were to live in that area! I consider northern lower and all of upper Michigan to be one of the most beautiful places I've been.

  3. wow its a beautiful site! what country is this?

  4. thanks for sharing the nice photos, I haven't seen the bridge for a few years, and it's been 20yrs. for the it has changed a lot! Congratulations on the graduation of your daughter, way to go mom.

  5. Lona, I'm so glad you could have such a lovely trip with your dd as she is about to leave your nest, and make such wonderful memories of being in a beautiful place with her. Congrats to you for launching another one into the world!


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