Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring and Baby Chicks

We got another batch of baby chicks last week. We raise them from day 2 of their lives until about week 15 or 16, just before they are ready to lay eggs. Then they go live at other farms.

Baby chickens need it about 90 degrees F the first few days. It's also very important for them to find the water and food (in that order). Sometimes we start baby chickens in the dead of winter (which makes for a hair-raising gas bill). Fortunately for us, the warm spring weather will help keep the gas bill down this time.

One very strange thing about baby chicks is that they peep ALL THE TIME for about the first day. Then after that, they only make noise when they're startled. So the first day, when we're working on them, they're making noise all the time. We don't realize how much noise, until we are out of the coop and it's quiet!

Aren't they cute?


  1. They are so cute! I keep trying to talk my hubby into raising chickens.

  2. Oh, they are adorable! A few years ago I took care of a baby chick for a week - helping it's wing to heal. And we were living in downtown Buenos AIres!


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