Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring Field Work

Finally, the rains have let up enough for us to get on the fields. May is our normal planting season here in Michigan, but we were concerned with all the extra rain that we might never get on the fields. 

This field of weeds is being plowed under using a moldboard plow. This traditional plow turns sod over, and is something we didn't use for many years. The moldboard plow is being replaced (in my humble opinion) with herbicides in modern agriculture. Now that we're transitioning to organic farming, the struggle against weeds demands new (or old, in this case) strategies.

It's a tedious job, back and forth, back and forth. I am pretty sure the time is well used in planning and thinking through what comes next.


  1. What will you be planting in this soon to be organic field?

  2. Great photos! Can almost smell the fresh earth. Makes me homesick for Idaho. Someone get me out of the city, PLEASE!

  3. This field is hay. More hay! We have also planted peas and oats--feed for the sheep--and soybeans.

    With non-hay crops, we try to let the field lay a couple of days and then work it again. Then we plant it. The second tilling kills any remaining weeds or newly germinated seeds.

  4. Time on the tractor is time with the Lord ;)


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