Monday, June 1, 2009

Progress in the Workshop

We converted an old chicken coop to a weaving workshop a couple of summers ago. It keeps evolving. This past weekend my in-laws mounted some of my old kitchen cabinets in the workshop. This is my favorite one:

I can't wait to fill the space with yarns and fibers...

I spent most of a day out there recently weaving, now that school is "out" and work is a touch less busy. Here are a couple of photos of rugs in progress or just finished. 

One is made from old blue jeans, and the other from a mixed lot of old corduroy pants.

Happy Monday!


  1. Very fun to see the work in progress! Lovely workshop =)

  2. How nice! You do beautiful work, Lona!


  3. I love that!

    What kind of loom are you using?

    I am currently braiding twine from my hay bales to make a square braided mat.

  4. I'm so happy you have a weaving space to "nest" in!

  5. How wonderful to have your own weaving space!

  6. AWESOME!! (I love your in-laws! :) (Mike's in-laws are pretty great too!! :)
    Have a great week!
    LuAnn <><


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