Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wool News

Earlier this week we headed over to our favorite woolen mill to pick up roving and yarn that they'd made from our wool. What fun! Nothing like a new infusion of supplies to generate new excitement. 

Dyed and undyed roving...

And new sock yarn (DK weight, wool/nylon blend) from our Suffolk wool. We kept the grey fleeces separate from the white ones, and they ran singles of each color and then plied them together...

We used our trusty dyepot and started dyeing some of the yarn. 

Wowza! What fun...

After the dyeing was done, I fashioned mini skeins for the Phat Fiber Sampler Box. The box is filled with fiber and yarn and other goodies from independent fiber artists and suppliers and is a creative form of advertising. Hopefully someone who gets one of these boxes will love our yarn and buy enough to do a project with. 

Our two daughters got busy making cool tags for the mini skeins. (So nice to have creative kids who are willing to help!) Tomorrow they will ship out, just in time to make it into June's box.


  1. Good thing I don't have a clue what to do with yarn or I'd be wanting some (I want some any way) :)

  2. WOW. Absolutley gorgeous! I want to get out my crochet stuff now...

  3. Beautiful stuff. Those mini skeins are so cute.

  4. I love this post - what a cool thing. The colors are gorgeous.

  5. Just beautiful...

  6. gorgeous colors! hope they make someone very happy!

  7. Beautiful roving and yarn! I love the idea of using an old coffee maker for a dyepot - no stove needed. Now I know to watch out for one at a garage sale.


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