Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Dyeing Day

Summer farm work is never done. Never. There's always something left to do or chase or fix or chop or haul. But, as the old saying goes, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." And I've been feeling a bit dull lately. So I rounded up the troops (making sure that the cut hay was, indeed, too wet to bale) and we headed for the workshop. (Cue James Taylor's "Up on the Roof" and you'll get how I feel about the workshop.)

As parents of teens, we hear our share of "aw, do we hafta?" But usually, when we work together, they make it fun.

There was skein winding (note the precision measuring equipment used)

Droplets of perma-dye everywhere..."Quick! Hand me some paper towels!"

A steady progression of saran wrapped yarns going into the microwave and coming back out again, dyes set

And the reveal

How satisfying!


  1. Ooh, beautiful yarns! Were you using acid dyes, or fiber reactive, or...? Nice saturated colors. I am also totally envious of your dye set-up.

  2. Everybody needs to have some fun once in a while!

  3. S--We use acid dyes (with vinegar as the acid). I like our set up, too.

    A--Yes, and I forget that sometimes...

  4. The colors are just gorgeous! Love that last photo.

  5. Please let me know when you do this again, I would love to come and help.


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