Saturday, July 25, 2009

Half of a Half of a Heart

I lost the first half of my heart a couple of years ago. Now it's being halved again.

Tomorrow we will send off daughter number 2 to a far away nanny position and college in the fall. This is our job--to raise them up and send them off. So why is it so hard?

Her creativity and business sense will be missed (especially on those open-to-the-public days). We'll miss her wonky sense of humor and light-heartedness, her cleaning binges and sudden inspiration to cook a wonderful supper.

She's grown up into a lovely, self-confident young woman. She'll do well. But boy, are we gonna miss her.

God be with you, my dear.


  1. ((hugs)) I know that has to be hard. I haven't gone through it yet, and not looking forward to it.

    What a beautiful description you give of your daughter! You have obviously done a great job raising her.

  2. This mama's heart feels for yours...sigh. Those are sad but proud moments, aren't they? Hugs to you....


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