Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Whew! More Hay!

If it seems like every third post during the summer is about haying, it's because haying is a HUGE part of our lives during the summer. I wish it weren't so. I would like to hay twice during the summer, just for the fun of it. After twice, it's just mind-numbing work.

We have over a hundred sheep. So far this summer we have harvested over 3,800 bales of hay. A few hundred of them, we've sold (thank you, Lord). The rest have been stacked in the sheep barn, until it can't hold any more. After that, they've gone UP in the loft of my father's 60 year old barn.

I have been a bit crabby face about haying this summer. I can't seem to get even half done with my own work (I've added a part time job with lots of responsibility to the mix), but when it's time to hay, everything else stops. "Make hay while the sun shines" is not just a cute saying.

Yet, The Farmer keeps on smilin'. He keeps on cutting hay, raking hay, stacking hay, and (glory!) selling hay. Here he is, after catching and stacking 3 wagon loads of hay off the back of the baler. Doesn't he look happy? And maybe a teensy bit tired?

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