Friday, August 14, 2009

Michigan Fiber Festival

This weekend is the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan. While we are not vending, we plan to go and enjoy the weekend as usual. If you're going, too, make sure you stop and introduce yourself to us. Look for The Farmer, who will likely be spending some quality time cranking socks. He usually wears his fire department t-shirt when he's out and about, though he has been known to choose his American Lamb t-shirt for sheepy occasions such as this...


  1. Have fun at the festival. Are you going to the fiber festival in West Branch the end of September? I'll be a vendor there, would like to meet you.

  2. Mulch, we would love to come. But we always are too busy right at that point of the year. I'll let you know if we are able to get away...


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