Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Taste of the Sun

This year, in our transition from conventional to organic farming, we've planted crops that are new to us. The spelt has been harvested. But the field of sunflowers is still growing, still maturing.

It's just past it's prime, as far as beauty goes. I kept thinking to myself that we need to get out and photograph the beauty, but never did anything about it.

I finally sent our daughter out with the camera. She has a natural talent for all things artistic.

Aren't they lovely?


  1. Wonderful photos, reminds me of South Dakota!

  2. wow! how beautiful! she really does have an eye for such things!

  3. There's nothing like driving by one of those fields of sunflowers, either. I had a hummingbird find my single sunflower already!

  4. What beautiful pics!! Your dd does have a talent for photography. What will you do with your whole field of sunflowers? (showing my ignorance here but I'm curious) In personal news, my dh was offered a JOB yesterday! It's local, it's stable, and it's a rich blessing after 9 trying months. I knew you'd want to know so you can rejoice with us!


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