Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where'd She Go?

I've slowed down on the blogging a bit over the last couple of weeks. Did anyone notice? I've been planning out our homeschool year (or at least the first half of it), busy working my part-time job, and tending to sick family members.

I'll be back.

In the meantime, here are a few blogs I enjoy reading:

Maple Corners -- a fiber artist caring for her mom, who has alzheimer's, on the family farm...

Advocates for Agriculture -- a news blog featuring articles about American agriculture (with commentary)...

Crazy as a Loom -- the day by day musings of a retired nurse now weaving her dream full time. Music warning--just mute it if you don't like it...

Michigan in Pictures -- fabulous photographs of my adopted home state...

Just Something I Made -- a graphic designer who's almost too crafty for her own good! Lots of goodies there...

Granny Miller -- great homesteading, homemaking advice and tutorials. This is no longer an active blog, but there are some gems if you'd like to learn to can or freeze or care for animals. Just swim around the uber-libertarian posts if that sort of stuff offends you. If it doesn't, or if you're willing to read things from a different perspective, then just dive in...

Feel free to share some of your favorite blogs in the comment section below. Always looking for a new good read ('cuz I have so much time!)...


  1. oh yeah... I know what you mean! Thanks for the links.

  2. Great sites! I am having fun looking at them.

    Glad I could help with the label cloud. ;-)

  3. I love the Maple Corners blog...I think I found it from you before ;) And I think I read that Granny Miller is going to start blogging again, wouldn't that be great!

    Here is one of my very, very favorite blogs for a while now, from a farmer and a Christian point of view (and he farms in Minnesota, so similar weather to ours, lol!):

    For some reason, I could only post as Anonymous, but it is me, Cary ;)


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