Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Almost There!

Recently we delivered a load of hay a long ways, hauling hay wagon behind truck. We crawled slowly, for speed makes the wagon sway wildly. After what seemed like forever, we turned the last corner before our destination.

"Ah, I'm so glad the tires have held," I breathed.

"Don't say it!" came the admonishment from the back seat. The kids are not superstitious, but still. We should hold our gratefulness until the proper time.

Two minutes later, we heard the sickening squeal of a tire blowing. Within spitting distance of the finish line.

Each bale of alfalfa hay weighs about 50 pounds. The wagon held 126 bales. Over three tons of hay. After 5 o'clock on the Saturday of a holiday weekend. No jacking, no fixing, no help, nohow.

The Farmer decided the rim was worth sacrificing. We drove on. We unloaded the hay, left the wagon for another day's repair, and headed home.

So close.


  1. Ouch! Kind of like running out of gas down the hill from the gas station.

  2. oh man! This is a Murphy's Law thing for sure!

  3. we had one that looked like that and did not make it down the road like we had hoped.


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