Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Fun Farm Facts

Most American farms are still family farms. Today, 98% of all U.S. farms are owned by individuals, family partnerships or family corporations. Just 2% of America's farms and ranches are owned by non-family corporations.

In addition, 82% of U.S. ag products sold are produced on farms owned by individuals, family partnerships and family corporations. Non-family corporations account for only 18% of U.S. ag product sales.


  1. It's great to know the numbers and see them. Thanks for that. I am trying to buy all American products in the grocery store and department stores. :) I hope more people will do the same.

  2. Hooray! It's not easy to do, and I struggle sometimes with whether it really makes a difference. But I think it's important to try, and to reward those who still have the joy of productivity in our country.

    Of course, we will never be able to raise coffee in this country, and so we continue to be global traders. :-)

  3. Wow! I had no idea. This is actually very happy news. Giving a shout out to small family farms! I shopped at our local farmers market last Saturday for the last time this year and I was sad that it was the last time til summer.

    (and what is it...the media? marketing? that makes us city folk think most farms are big corporations now?)


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