Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mini Rugs

I tried something new on one of my looms last night. Mini-rugs (often called mug rugs)--to be used as coasters. It's quite a bit of fiddle work, but uses up leftovers nicely.

What do you think? Good for a craft show? I'm trying to have some smaller, less expensive things, as well as the normal throw rugs.


  1. I think those are just great. I've seen crocheted one's 4 to a set rolled and tied with ribbon inside of a mug, I think she sold those for $10.00 or more I don't remember, but did think the idea was great.

  2. They look wonderful. Wish I knew how to do that.

  3. Neat idea, Lona!

    I hope you don't mind that I just posted a blog entry about you and a link to your site from my blog...you have had some great entries lately! Keep up the good work, I know I really appreciate your site ;)


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