Saturday, November 21, 2009

Upcoming Shows!

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Boy, there's nothing like trying to post notices about craft shows to take the wind out of my bloggy sails. I've struggled far too long with these graphics, and I'm gonna cry "uncle" and leave it as good enough.

Next week starts our craft show season. The first one is a unique holiday home tour in Byron Center, Michigan. Each home has for sale the work of several artisans and craftsmen. The $5 (for the whole tour) admission fee, and part of our sales goes to charity. Held Friday and Saturday, November 20-21, it's a perfect way to get some holiday shopping, quality "friend" time and ideas for decorating all in one. We will not actually be in attendance at this show, but our goodies can be found at home #1. Click here for more details.

Then the following Friday, November 27 starts our outdoor Kerstmarkt in downtown Holland. This open-air market with a European flair lasts for three weekends. We'd love for you to stop out and say hi! Make sure when you do stop you tell us who you are. Some of my bloggy friends I've never met face-to-face, and I'd like to! Click here for more information.

Please expect the blog to be somewhat neglected over the next few weeks. I'll be busy!


  1. The Kerstmarkt I remember the best is one of the early ones, when our son was still toddler-being-carried size.

    They had lights on one of the those tall skinny pines in the park, and he looked up and up and up in my arms until he almost fell over backwards!

    Then he did it again. Funny!

  2. Lona,
    We are planning on getting to the show on Saturday morning. I listened to the pod cast from High Fiber Diet. Enjoyed you and Mike talking about the sheep. Where do you get your yarn processed?
    Ellyn J


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