Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Dyeing and Some Evil Weather

This is almost going to be a Wordless Wednesday post. The socks are selling well, on-line and off (Ellyn, your special order is knit up. Still needs finishing...) and so some dyeing is in order.

Watch for the trend...

Any guesses yet?

I love this photo--of a father and son working together. Knowledge passing from one to the other...

Does this make you feel Christmasy?

Okay. The trend is one color dyeing, leaving some of the yarn undyed. This trend was inspired by Ellyn's special order.

All is well here, except for the weather. We've battened the hatches and all, but the "winter storm" they've been talking about for days has begun. Stay tuned...

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  1. Hey, look, that's my washer!

    We got more rain that snow yesterday, but I think today is making up for it.


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