Monday, January 11, 2010

One Thousand Gifts

Our area of the country is amazingly grey during the wintertime. We endure seemingly endless stretches of bleakness. The discouragement sneaks up on you quietly, and it's fairly easy to give in to lethargy and hopelessness. I have enjoyed reading the blog of another sojourner-homeschooler-farmer's wife and recently started my own gratitude list. Trying to look for the light, instead of focusing on the grey...

To learn more about the 1,000 Gifts Gratitude List, click on the graphic below. In the meantime, here's a few new items on my list:

27. the beauty and order of algebra

28. doing school with kids

29. the birth of a new niece

30. the beauty of sunshine on a cold winter day

31. piano music

32. family game time

holy experience


  1. This is wonderful, and I love holy experience blog too!

  2. I have come to visit from Ann's. This is such a lovely place Lona - as is your gratitude list.
    Years ago my Mom learned to spin. She used to take part in sheep to shawl events near her home in NY. At 86 she still loves to do lots of handwork (particularly quilting), and I share her love for all of those things. I am happy to have met you. (I was gone all day today and didn't get to post my gratitude list!)

  3. Beautiful list full of His quiet presence. Joining you in thanksgiving.

  4. I love Ann's blog, too, and I'm also doing the 1000 Gifts list as well. It's so wonderful to sit down and add to my list every week. :)


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