Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Winter Walk

In an effort to get some exercise (ha!) and some sunshine, I strapped on my snowshoes this past weekend and went for a walk. Won't you join me (camera strap and all)?

I noticed the tracks of an animal. Couldn't make out what they were, due to the depth of the snow. But I'm quite certain it was something dog-like. See how the creature meandered about, stopping to sniff things?

I always get a sense of satisfaction from this little tree line we planted a few years ago. White pine, native to Michigan. Some have died out and we've just replanted them, which makes for an undulating line of trees. But hey--in 40 years we won't notice the difference in age between the individual trees.

Here's a view of the farm from the road. Time for me to wrap up the walk and head home...

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