Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Etsy Feature -- Sewciopath's Shoppe

Recently, I entered and won a group of prizes from some SHEteam Etsy shops. SHEteam stands for Schooling at Home Etsians, and is a group of etsy sellers who offer support, advice, and companionship to each other as they sell their handiwork on Etsy. All of the members of the SHEteam have homeschooling in common.

In an effort to help promote their shops, I will be featuring some SHEteamers on my blog over the next few weeks.

First up is Kim from Sewciopath's Shoppe. Kim sent me one of her love & support cuffs. I'm thinking about who I can give it to--seems I know all too many folks dealing with big life-altering things like cancer.


Tell me about yourself, your family and what your craft is.

My name is Kim. I am a full-time wife and mom, 2 girls. I also homeschool the older daughter, and I will start teaching the younger one kindergarten this fall. And in all my spare time (HA!) I try to make a few things to sell. I mostly sew and knit, but also crochet, and a few other things. Currently I offer stuffed dolls and other critters, hats, and love & support cuffs, but that changes from time to time according to what's buzzing around in my brain at the moment.

How long have you been crafting?

My earliest memory of crafting was attempting to sew a dress for a doll, in a house we moved from when I was four. It was supposed to be for a baby doll, but turned out to be a Barbie doll dress. (I didn't yet understand the need for seam allowances.) I learned to knit when I was five. I don't really know when I learned to crochet, but I think about 7 or 8?

How did you get started?

I am blessed to be part of an extended family who approaches life, not just crafting, with a spirit of creativity and excellence. They would always give me any materials or tools I wanted, and guidance if I needed it. It frightens me now that I have children of my own, to think of the things I was allowed to work with as a child; but I also believe that the best way to learn not to stick yourself with a needle or smack your thumb with a hammer is by doing it a few times. When I was grown, I worked at department stores, dry cleaners, and bridal shops doing sewing and alterations. It's nice now to be able to make what I like and work at my own pace.

How does your crafting fit in with your homeschooling?

I try to include my girls in anything they are able to do well. My 12 year old daughter is a very good photographer and graphic designer, and she helps in that way with my shop. My 4 year old daughter loves to help me stuff the critters, and her little fingers can get the stuffing into the nooks and crannies better than mine! She also gives each of them a hug, so they come with lots of love. And besides that, just having their vivid imaginations around inspires me.

If you could try any new craft (money and time being no object), what would it be?

Pottery. I love handmade mugs for my coffee, and I'd love to be able to make my own. But it's more likely I'll be trying weaving sometime soon - my dad made me an inkle loom for Christmas, and I've got to make some time to try it out!

Be sure to check out Kim's shoppe here. For more items made by SHEteam members, click on the light green SHEteam button with the apple and books in the left sidebar of my blog.


  1. How sweet of you! Thanks so much, and I know you'll find a good use for the cuff. :)

  2. Great interview with a great lady. Kim's my hero in all things crafty - and beyond. :)


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