Monday, March 29, 2010

New Life!

I think I can safely say that spring has sprung. We may still get snowed on, but I doubt it will last.

Still working my way to 1,000 gifts. If you'd like to read about or join the Gratitude Community, click here.

56. sunny days linked together like a string of pearls.

57. water to quench thirst.

59. the sight of geese in flight.

63. son offering to help when he doesn't have to.

64. the certainty of the resurrection, even when I don't feel it.

holy experience


  1. lona, hello. i just had to agree....yes...the sight of geese in flight and their, honk, honk, honking over the roof is one of the loveliest things. (i also live in west mighigan.) blessings to you, megan

  2. Lona,
    Thanks for stopping by my place. Isn't blogging a fun way to meet people? After reading your post I know why you commented on my lamb photo. You have a barn full of the sweet creatures! I will have to check out your yarn next time I start a knitting project.

  3. sweet lambs! and I'm going to check out the 1000 gifts, loved your list!

  4. The new lambs are adorable! And I love your simile in #56. :0)


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