Monday, March 8, 2010

One Thousand Gifts

Still counting my way up to 1,000 in an effort to notice the good around me... If you'd like to read about or join the Gratitude Community, click here.

41. God's grace providing what we do not deserve

43. a clean desk (though I confess it didn't last)

46. long car rides w/ my husband

47. a sibling with a generous heart

48. sunshine on the snow

49. the "mama" bleat of a sheep

holy experience


  1. What a beautiful picture! I, too, love long car rides with my husband, and I didn't think of how much until I read your list. And, my clean desk never lasts long, either. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Lona! A sister with a generous heart (and in my case, a forgiving heart as well) is such a blessing. This hits home for me this week. Nice to meet you!

  3. Beautiful picture and I am dreaming of a farm today as I sit in the city with the noise wondering if maybe one day...I too could have chickens and land...great list!


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